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Monday, March 16, 2009

Taking Pigs For A Walk in Dumbo

A Saturday In Dumbo.
Dogs are so passé, dear Reader.
Those in the know have found that pigs are the new pet of choice.
Yes, pigs.
The pot-bellied kind
With bright pink leashes.
Fashionable, no?

I got an email from the owner of these two lovely ladies. Turns out he is an avid Pardon Me For Asking reader and got a pleasant surprise when he saw "his girls" on this site. How cool is that!

He writes:
"The bigger one is Cholula and the other is Runtly. They are about 16 months old each and are fantastic pets. My wife always wanted a pig and I am allergic to cats and dogs so it made sense for us. They are super smart and extremely affectionate. We couldn't imagine not having them in our lives."


Rochdalian said...

Did those people clean up after their pigs?

(Somehow, that doesn't sound right)

Katia said...

Yes, Rochdalian, they did.
Pretty funny to watch actually.

I wonder what the fine is for not cleaning up after your pig...

Hide said...

Cholula and her friends have their own video as well:

MissWit said...

Saw this guy today too in the same exact spot, he was feeding them cheerios and didn't seem to mind all the stares and followers. April 26th got a few phone pictures. But now with this "swine flu" it seems all the more wild.
I never knew having pigs for pets was even legal. Wild

Eric said...

Totally legal. NYC law bans ferrets per Health Code § 161.01, but pigs are exempt because they can be raised as food. The law can't prevent someone from feeding themselves. Same applies to chickens as long as they aren't "at large."


Actually a fun read. I think they list every animal in the animal kingdom, just to be as specific as possible. Non-human primates cannot be kept as pets, which implies you can have a human as a pet. They also specifically ban whales.

Anonymous said...

Eric -- nope. See Health Code § 161.09: Permits to keep certain animals.

(d) Except on premises abutting upon a slaughter house no person shall yard horses or
keep or yard cattle, swine, sheep or goats without a permit issued by the Commissioner.
Such permit shall be issued only for unimproved areas of the Borough of Richmond used
for farming purposes.