Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red Hook Lobster Pound: Bringing The Fishing Business Back To Red Hook

Psssstttt! I'll let you in on a secret.
Want to know where to get the very best and the very freshest lobsters in New York City? And when I mean fresh, I mean 'a-couple-of-hours-off-the boat' fresh. Give up? At the very new, soon to be opened, Red Hook Lobster Pound.

Starting on April 25, Susan Povich and her husband Ralph Gorham will drive to Maine weekly and bring back the freshest lobster directly off the lobster boats and bring them back to their store at 284 Van Brunt Street.

When I stopped by to see Susan and Ralph, they showed me their new tanks and introduced me to some crustaceans. " We are bringing the fishing business back to Red Hook." Susan laughed.

You can contact Susan and Ralph at redhooklobster[ at ]gmail.com or by calling 646 326 7650. They are accepting pre-orders now.
And when you pick up your lobsters, make sure to check out the store's wonderful wall mural painted by local artist Jay Crider.

Oh, and in case you are feeling a bit apprehensive about preparing lobsters, Susan and Ralph have investigated the most humane way of cooking them. They will gladly tell you how.

For further information, check out The Red Hook Lobster Pound web page


Anonymous said...

Uh...how is that fresh if they're driving back and forth to Maine to pickup the lobsters? So it's not just a couple of hours off the boat but possibly 10 hours off the boat.

I'm sure they're a lot fresher than most places, but the article is a bit misleading.

Josh said...

Lobsters are not fish. These idiots might want to determine the species and genus of the animals earning them their keep before going into business with them. Then again, I doubt they care, given the message sent by the name of the business and the logo. Humane-ness doesn't seem to be on their minds. Lobsters are highly intelligent, over-harvested like the rest of the ocean's wildlife, and are a food of the rich and decadent. Get real and get out of Red Hook. I look forward to boycotting these people.

Vidiot said...

Especially if they're going there weekly.

So, depending on when you go, you could potentially get a lobster that's only a few hours, plus the several-hour-drive, and six days old.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on, folks.
It's a clever idea and a funny logo.
I am looking forward to fresh lobster.
This will be a so much more humane than keeping lobsters in those small tanks for weeks at the fish store or at the supermarket.

Susan P said...

Hi, I thought that as the business owner I should respond. While parts of Maine are 10 hours away, we are buying in southern Maine, which, if one takes 91 and avoids Boston, is only around 6 hours away. We will meet the boats, load up and hustle home.

I invite you to come by next weekend and visit. We are very sincere in our desire to bring the freshest critters to NY.


Anonymous said...

Actually, 91 will get you to Canada. Perhaps you may want 95? But why not check suppliers in Connecticut? Either it might make deliveries more reasonable, or you can make the drive yourself, say, twice a week. Makes those tasty little critters that much fresher.

Further, what are your means of refrigeration? Six hours is a bit of a stretch without a dedicated system. (And six hours assumes no traffic problems between here and southern Maine.)

Fresh lobsters in Red Hook seems like a great idea, just hope your model doesn't compromise your success, of which I hope you much.

Anonymous said...

You're giving advice to the business owners about checking Connecticut? Seriously? I would take a wild guess and say they probably did the due diligence in their search for lobster suppliers. I'm psyched to have this business added to the neighborhood. Weekend bbq's and parties can now be supplied easily with Fairway, lobsters and the beer distributer.

Anonymous said...

Sounds delish. lobsters and a new coffe roaster sure oughta brighten up the neighborhood.

Larry said...

This is a great addition to Brooklyn. The lobsters are alive and kicking and absolutely delicious. We are so glad you are doing this. We wish you all the success in the world.