Friday, May 08, 2009

Blogfest 2009 Brings Out The Best In Brooklyn

It had rained terribly hard most of that Thursday on Main Street in Dumbo
No matter. Inside the PowerHouse Arena, some very busy people were at work,
transforming this bookstore into a gathering place for Brooklyn's finest bloggers.
Chairs were set up in neat rows
Video and sound were checked one, two or three more times
Posters were hung on the windows to invite everyone to come inside
and just as the hour of 7 Pm had arrived, 
the sun cleared the sky and the event began.
People filed in, said hello and mingled
Found a spot in front of the stage and waited....
for the event to begin.
And after the speeches, the films and the photos,
the "Blogs Of A Feather"
the mingling and the clapping...
It was time to eat, to drink
and to party
across the street at Galapagos' Art Space
And then, to go home, to sleep and to dream,
like this littlest of people at Blogfest 2009
and to say the next day:
"Isn't Brooklyn the Best?"

I would like to thank Louise Crawford, author of "Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn"and organizer of the event, for bringing this awesome community of bloggers together for an amazing evening.My thanks also goes out to her team of helpers who worked incredibly hard to make this a successful event
When I first started blogging in my little back room office in late 2007, I could never have dreamt of becoming part of such an inspiring community of writers, photographers and activists. It is a pleasure to have gotten to know all of them.

Here is some more coverage of the event on other blogs. (I will be adding to this list in the next few days.)
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Ekey84 said...

Yay, I made into one of the photos (I'm the awkward looking one in the glasses ;) ). Great story.

Manny said...

Hey Katia. I'm glad the event was a success! I wanted to go but I had to work that night.