Sunday, May 10, 2009

Car Drives Into Gowanus Canal: More Photos


photos courtesy of Ethan Finkelstein on Flickr

Reader Ethan alerted me to these great photos on his Ethan Finkelstein's Flickr page. The photos were taken in the early hours of Saturday, right after a car drove into the Gowanus Canal.
Below is the caption underneath the photos.
"After hearing many heli's overhead at a friends house in Carroll Gardens we looked on Gothamist news map to see what the commotion was about. It turns out there were people in the Gowanus. We decided to investigate and head over to the spotlights in the sky.
We got the the scene, and there were many speculators. The true story isn't really know. What we saw were wet men being put into ambulances, and being questioned by police. Then we could see scuba divers in the Gowanus. So after close inspection you could see a car floating in the water.
We believe the car came through the 3rd ave side of the Gowanus not the Carroll Gardens side. As there was no damage on our side to the railings or fence
Thanks Ethan, for pointing me to your photos.

For photos of the car being dragged out of the canal, read:
NEWS FLASH: Car Plunges Into Gowanus Canal Early On Saturday Morning

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