Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The People In My Neighborhood: Tony, The Carroll Gardens Bird Man


Carroll Gardens resident Tony has always owned birds. Lots of them. I remember years ago, on warm days, he would bring some of his feathery friends outside and delight his neighbors. My kids always referred to him as "the bird" man. When I told his wife Joanne, she just smiled. "Everyone call him that" she said.

These days, Tony only owns one little yellow bird. He retired a few months ago and spends quite a bit of time with his little companion. I saw the pair together a few days ago, enjoying a nice afternoon in the sun.

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Manny said...

HA! This is awesome! I've never seen him, around where does he live?

Plow to Plate said...

Looks like true love. Makes me smile every time I see this.

Anonymous said...

You should set him up with the bird lady that lives on first place and walks around with the american flag pined on her jacket ... ;)