Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three Bloggers, Three Directors, Three Videos From Brooklyn Blogfest 2009

At last week's Blogfest 2009, three videos, featuring three Brooklyn blogger, were shown during the event. Besides illustrating how individual and personal blogs can be, the three short features had one thing in common: they were directed by three different directors, all of Blue Barn Pictures, a production company in DUMBO.

One of the videos was directed by my own son Max Kelly , an intern at Blue Barn. It was his directoral debut and I was rather touched that he would choose me and Pardon Me For Asking as his subject. (Don't tell him, but it was the best Mother's Day present ever.)
The second video was directed by Juanjo Martinez and features my friend Carolina's blog Un trocito de El Palo en Brooklyn.
The third featured the incredibly inspirational blog Why Not Me and was directed by Sharon Dowdell.

Thanks Blue Barn Pictures, for allowing me to post them right here and read their blog, The Barn, for more.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed each video very much...these visuals and personal commentaries provide a layer of skin to these cyber is both extraordinary and wonderful to be able to plug into the pulse of Brooklyn and listen to its rhythm.

Margaret said...

Max chose a good subject for his directorial debut. He tells your story beautifully! Congratulations, Max!

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I really liked the choppy look, especially at the beginning. Congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

Again Katia, I am new to your wonderful site and thank GOD for it. You are my connection to my old home which will always BE my home! Your blog was fabulous! Modern, fresh, yet personal. Truly shows the beauy of Carroll Gardens. I have fond memories of Carroll Street Park and can't wait to see it again when hubby and I come to visit in July (GOD willing). GOD bless you Katia!