Monday, June 15, 2009

The Gowanus Canal? It's A 'Crying' Shame

Photo credit: Carolina Castillo

Little Miss Alaia was rather blue
about the polluted state of the Gowanus Canal.
She expressed her displeasure rather loudly.
Would this waterway be cleaned up in her lifetime, she wondered?
She seemed much more pleased about the prospect of Superfund Listing!
That's it! thought little Alaia.
One day, with any luck, I'll be able to swim
in the Gowanus Canal!


Anonymous said...

I wish that the anti-superfund people would take the time to stop and think about where they will lave the Gowanus Canal for this child's future.
How can this group hold the need to make a quick dollar on condo developments (when condo's are going unsold all over Brooklyn) above the need to make this a healthy environment?
What kind of mess are they planning to leave for this child's future? Could it possibly be a Gowanus ghost town of 12 story buildings filled with toxic sludge from a storm surge?

Gowanus Dredgers said...

Ahoy there,

The EPA has clearly stated their current plan has no intention to address the storm surge you mention.

The Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club has spent the last 10 years appealing to the Federal government to help our City address that issue.


Anonymous said...

Ok we get it the canal is dirty .... but do u have to put disgusting pictures week after week of condoms and filth ... and now u put n innocent child near that filthy thing ... what kinda toxic fumes is that baby breathing in? ... that dirty canal is no place for a baby ... i think uve mad ur point very clear clean the canal