Friday, June 12, 2009

Magic In Carroll Park


Photo by Carroll Gardens father M.

All Carroll Gardeners know that Carroll Park is a magical place. But did you also know, dear reader, that real magic can happen there also? Don't believe me? Well read on.

I very much enjoy your photography and was in Carroll Park on Sunday
morning early with my son and daughter. It was "dad" hour -
all of us giving the mom's some peace and quiet.

The sprinklers were on and I snapped a shot of my son running through them on my phone - as is oft the case when one's not trying, something magical happens.
Thought you might appreciate the picture of our little Brooklynite walking on a rainbow.

What an amazing shot. Thanks for sharing, M.
I love the idea of a "dad" hour in the park. I bet the mothers love it even more!
I remember my own husband taking the kids to play for an hour or two, just so that I could get some things done at home. It was pure bliss!
So to all those Carroll Park dads: Thank you!

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stella said...

i hope i don't see hipster/yuppie moms frolicking in the sprinkler chasing thier precious little 'griffins' or 'emilys' ugh!

Anonymous said...


God forbid anyone enjoy being a parent. Perhaps you should go back to your sulking, emo enclave and "be real".

Anonymous said...

i am a native brooklynite and i NEVER saw the italian american moms running around in bikini tops with their kids in the sprinklers! the 'natives' are a lot more real than the nasally pseudo-intellectual yupsters!