Monday, June 22, 2009

P.S.29 Needs Your Help To Raise $40,000 To Save Its Arts Collaboration Programs

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In these tough financial times, arts programs in schools are the first to get cut. P.S. 29 in Cobble Hill is committed to preserving some of the wonderful arts collaboration programs that have been introduced to the students over the last few years.
This announcement comes from Lisa Trollback, Co-President of the school's PTA writes:

5days4arts highlights how important arts enrichment is to the education of our kids. This site is an effort by the PS29 PTA in Brooklyn, NY to help raise funding for its arts collaboration series. Each day for five days we'll be posting a new video highlighting a different program, each one showing the impact of different programs in our school. You can help by watching these videos,sharing them with friends and family, and, of course, donating if you can.*

Starting June 22, 2009

One video a day all week showcasing our amazing arts collaboration programs

Chess instruction with Mr. Tag, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, The Metropolitan Opera Guild, and visiting artists from City Lore ... these are some of the many amazing arts collaboration programs that we as a school are struggling to afford.

We need to raise $40,000 and need your help.

We are launching a web campaign for the last 5 days of school. Each day you will see a different video that gives you an up close and personal look at each of these programs.

What can you do?

1. Donate

2. Enjoy the videos of our children

3. Make it viral: post it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, email to friends and family near and far

4. Be impactful - every dollar counts

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