Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thanks To State Senator Squadron, MTA To Review F Train


MTA letter re F train service 5-12-09

State Senator Squadron's letter to MTA

State Senator Daniel Squadron certainly deserves thanks for urging the MTA to address the many problems plaguing the F train. The ridership on this line has exploded in recent years. Then there is the problem with deteriorating stations. (9th Street in particular is a nightmare.)
Most importantly, some of the elevated tracks look disastrous.
In an email, Ellen Whelan-Wurst, the Senator's Brooklyn Office Director, writes:
I wanted to let everyone know that thanks to a request made by Senator Daniel Squadron, the MTA has begun a full-scale, comprehensive review of the F train. Senator Squadron reached out to the MTA on this matter after having heard from many constituents about the increasing problems facing F train riders, including delays, crowded trains and poor station conditions. We are happy that the MTA has begun this review, and of course we will share the conclusions as soon as they are released.

Sounds great to me.
And for those who missed it last week, our State Senator got special mention in an editorial in the New York Times.
It is worth noting that the befuddled Democratic majority was nothing to wave the flag about. In many ways, it turned out to be almost as bad as the Republicans who ran the Senate for more than 40 years until January. But some Democrats, like Senator Daniel Squadron of Manhattan, were pushing for real changes that would, for example, have started to clean up the campaign finance system.

Thanks, Senator Squadron!
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Marie said...

Oh, the F...I travel between Bergen Street and 2nd Ave to get to work, and farther uptown during the day for site visits, and am considering working the amassed hours I have spent waiting for the F into my bills for clients: travel time, courtesy of the F.

I can't help loving the F a little, too. It's like having the world on our train.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that at least one State Senator is actually working for his constituents and getting results. I hope something good comes of the MTA study...more trains during rush hour (especially in the evening), better on-time performance, and please, please, please, turn on the air conditioning!!!