Tuesday, July 14, 2009

City Council Candidate Josh Skaller Collects 10,000 Signatures And Collects Maximum Contributions


Congratulations to Council Candidate Josh Skaller! His campaign just submitted 10,000 nomination petition signatures, days before the deadline.
That is an impressive number. The signatures were collected with the help of a group of dedicated volunteers all over the district, who showed their commitment to Josh's campaign by spending hours talking to friends and neighbors about the candidate.

From the Skaller campaign:

Skaller Collects 10,000 Signatures And The Maximum Contribution Dollars:
"I am the candidate to deliver real reform"

Not a lot of things come in groups of 10,000.
Lakes in Minnesota. Game show winnings. Josh Skaller petition signatures.
Skaller, the reform Democratic candidate for City Council, led the field in the 39th District by collecting over 10,000 nominating petition signatures - a powerful display of grassroots might.
"We have the largest grassroots campaign in Brooklyn, and we are mobilizing," Skaller said. "People signed my petitions because they believe in my message. They've had it with the slush fund culture and the developers-first, community-second mentality of a billionaire-driven city government.
"They support my campaign because they believe in reform, and they know I am the candidate to deliver real reform."
A whopping 155 New Yorkers served as witnesses for Skaller's signatures. As an organizer of Brooklyn for Barack, Skaller's grassroots ethos has defined his campaign. The Skaller campaign has over 200 volunteers and more individual donors than any Brooklyn-based City Council campaign.
"People are getting involved in my campaign who have never been involved in a local political campaign before," Skaller said. "They see what's happening in City Hall and they want to make a difference in their own neighborhoods."
The Skaller campaign collected over 11,000 signatures, but chose not to claim over 1,000 signatures from voters who live outside the 39th District.
"Our momentum grows with each passing day," Skaller said. "Each day, community members come on board our campaign. I have personally knocked on over 5,000 doors. I have put myself in position to win this election by going one voter at a time."
Skaller was the first candidate in the race to reject money from developers, who often spend big dollars on New York City's political campaigns. Skaller's donations have come largely in small amounts from neighborhood residents.
"We need a government that invests in what makes our City the greatest city in the world - New Yorkers," Skaller said. "That means funding schools instead of boondoggles like Atlantic Yards. It means funding transit so fares don't keep going up, and helping small businesses so that our neighborhoods keep the charm that makes them so unique."
In Carroll Gardens, community members rallied around Josh Skaller due to his early and strong support for a Superfund designation of the Gowanus Canal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
"I'm looking forward to working with Josh to clean up the Gowanus and pursue sensible development in Brownstone Brooklyn," said Carroll Gardens resident Glenn Kelly, a member of the Carroll Gardens Coalition for Respectful Development who carried petitions for Skaller. "He is the most qualified and experienced candidate who is in sync with us on all of the issues."
Skaller, a community activist, is running in the 39th District, which includes all or parts of Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Borough Park, Kensington, Windsor Terrace and Cobble Hill.
"We need development that respects the needs of the community, and a City Council more concerned with the community than the wallets of developers or their own political fortunes," Skaller said.

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