Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ellis G. Walked And Chalked On Smith Street


It has been a while since I came across one of artist Ellis Gallagher's whimsical and ephemeral chalk outlines in the neighborhood.. But yesterday, on Smith Street, I spotted one. Can't help it, but they make me smile every time.
Thanks, Ellis!

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Anonymous said...

I guess I never saw the appeal of these - I traced shadows with chalk in my kindergarten class, as I suspect many others did. There's nothing particularly artistic or skilled about creating these-

Kelly said...

Dear anon,
While I agree that there is no great skill involved, I find them rather witty and enjoy their simplicity.

Plow to Plate said...

I like the simplicity and the clarity. A moment in time, that shadow, that shape. And love how he signs -date. The whole presentation, to me, is very elegant, pure, and strong. Poetic. Ephemeral. Whimsical.

natty said...

eh is your theme this week bikes and there wheels? do you have one every week? clothes lines ... condoms in the canal ... and now bikes?

Anonymous said...

I love how Katia shifts her focus so broadly, natty. I think that is what gives her blog so much life, to me.

Kelly said...

Well, thank you Anon,
That is very nice. I try my best!

jill said...

natty, your strokes are quite broad!