Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Must Watch: "The City's Broken Promise: Superfunding the Gowanus"


Still not convinced that EPA Superfund listing is the only way that the Gowanus Canal will ever truly be cleaned? Then you have to watch this video. It was made by Peter Pierce who wanted to show " the rationale for Superfunding the Gowanus Canal as opposed to adopting Mayor Bloomberg's Alternative Superfund Approach." It is excellent.

The video was first posted by Ms. Found For Brooklyn on her blog. Her coverage of the issue is amazing. Take a look at her latest post, "The Gowanus Canal has ALWAYS been stigmatized...Superfund Gowanus!"

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Anonymous said...

Poor Cas Holloway's glazed looks speak volumes for how unprepared the City really is to deal with this. The State asked the EPA to come in because they knew that Superfund was the only way to deal with the serious toxicity in Gowanus. Needing to get funding year by year in the City's approach is crazy.

Anonymous said...

Cas Holloway is paid a lot of money by us to spin the crap that comes from Mayor Mike's office and sewage overflows. We must remember Mayor Mike loves his middle class like we are his little puppies. People who live live in the projects and eat toxic Gowanus fish as a major source of protein were never even considered until the EPA stepped in.

We all make choices, and everyone who lives in a dreamworld chanting that for-profit development is the key to fixing everything will have to live with the karmic consequences to people's health, whether these are for profit developments like Toll's, or Public Place, as advocated by Brad Lander. They are delusional and it is up to us to remain vigilant and fight the good fight!

Anonymous said...

cas holloway effing rocks!