Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pétanque, Pastis Et Smith Street: Bastille Day 2009 Un Grand Succès

They came streaming from all over the city

To celebrate Bastille Day On Smith Street.

As in years past, Quadrozzi brought the sand
The courts were laid out
And the teams took up their positions.

Close attention was paid to see how close the boules were to the cochonnet,
players waited patiently for their next turn,

cheered each other on
and hoped to beat the competition.

Frequent breaks were taken

in the hot July sun.Spectators surrounded the courts, watched and showed their support.
'Ricard" girls were busy advertising
as this fellow moved closer
and closer...

Philippe Boets of Pétanque America was there
(nice to see you again, Philippe)

Of course, one could eat and drinkand sit in the shade
because there was plenty of food to be had.

And when all was over, everyone was tuckered out,
but happy and content!
Vive La République!

Here is a little video clip of one of the bands at the festivities. Funnily, it was a Spanish band, not French, but they were super. Did anyone catch their name?


bullett said...

it all seemed wonderful, but i sure feel bad for that little pooch--pugs do not do well in the hot weather.

Kelly said...

Yes, Bullett, it was a really nice event.
The cute little doglet did seem to be hot, but at one point, I saw the owner give him some water.

Carola said...

We missed it this year!! :( Looks like everyone had so much fun...

Skinny Legs said...

that dog looks like its going to passout!such a shame people dont know how to treat their dogs

felix said...

i love the way people who arent even french go so "hardcore" on this hoilday (which is actually the 14th) and try to do like the french do ;)

stella said...

Felix has a point, but it seems that the yupsters like going French; you don't see any of them doing Italian during feasts.