Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Brooklyn Summer Harvest: Pears Ripening




Maybe it was all the rain we had this spring, but look all around you in Brooklyn: the fruit trees seem to have produced an incredible bounty this year. Last week, I posted photos of my neighbor's amazing peach harvest. Well, on my walks around the neighborhood, I have spotted others, which are covered with equally beautiful fruit. Look at this pear tree, for instance.
It has never been covered with as many pears before. They are ripening beautifully.
And I know that the fig trees are also doing amazingly well this year.

I only hope the fruit gets picked and eaten and doesn't just rot. Pssst...if you want to share your bounty, I'll gladly take some off your hands.

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knithound brooklyn said...

We had the most amazing pear production this year too! The tree in our backyard was just BURSTING!! with pears. First time ever.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Along with all the rain, you can also thank the pollinators for the great fruit set this year. With more people keeping bees in NYC, you can be sure you will be seeing much better blossom>fruit action in our fair borough.

jlws said...

I think you might enjoy checking out the squash my neighbors are growing. On Baltic, just off of Smith, heading towards Court st- at the second building in, take a look up to the roof...

Katia said...

I certainly will pass by to check them out. Thanks for the tip.

Katia said...

Hi Again,JLWS,
I walked by today and took some photos. Boy, they are huge.
Thanks again for letting me know.
Here is the post: