Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Brooklyn Neighbor's Peach Bounty




This has never happened before! Most summers, my Carroll Gardens neighbor gives up on her peach tree and its fruits at the beginning of August. She mostly blames the backyard squirrels, which shamelessly make a game out of biting the unripened fruit and then dropping it to the ground below.
But something happened this year. Her two fruit trees are laden with the most beautiful peaches, sun-ripened to a beautiful yellow-red.
Not a bad harvest for a Brooklyn bag yard, I say!

What is growing in your garden, dear reader?

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F.I.B said...

Actually nothing cause the ground is TOXIC!

Welcome back Katia!

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Those are some nice-looking peaches! Hope there's some baking and canning in your near future.

We had near-record rains and cool temperatures for the first part of the summer. They look like young trees, so it may be that they've just now matured to a productive age.

Matthew said...

Local fruit has been kind of insipid with all the water and lack of sun early on, though, so I hope these are run-down-the-arm-juicy-good. In my Cobble Hill back yard I have beans, basil, cherry tomatoes, and lots of spiders.

Anonymous said...

I have some nice basil in my windowsill.