Wednesday, September 09, 2009

After Major Reno, Casa Rosa Grand (Re)-Opening Soon


Work has been proceeding swiftly at Casa Rosa, since one of Carroll Gardens oldest Italian restaurants closed its doors for renovation at the end of August. And the exterior looks much better already, with the installation of big glass doors on both the Court Street and the President Street sides.

(Can a sidewalk seating area be far behind?)
According to the permit from DOB, the fa├žade will be restucco'ed.
The interior is getting a make-over as well, with the relocation of the bar.

In any case, the place already looks much friendlier.

The grand opening, or rather re-opening, is scheduled for this Friday, September 11th.

Casa Rosa is located at 384 Court Street

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Unknown said...


Did you notice your favorite bagel place is also renovating?


Kelly said...

Hi Andy,
Yup, I noticed that. Some vacation break they are on. I think they gutted the whole place....

Alison F. said...

Just had dinner at the new Casa Rosa. Wow! From the service to the food: Worst. Meal. Ever. This is what I get for not waiting the 20 minutes to be seated at Fragole. I've learned my lesson.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

To Alison -

I'm affraid it's hit & miss at Casa Rosa. But it always was. I've had food from there twice since it re-opened. Once good & once not so good.
They cook the way they always used to - - Some nights you get lucky & some nights you don't.
(Fragole isn't nearly as good as it was when it 1st opened and generally isn't even as good as Casa Rosa when C.R. is having an off night. I've said it before & I'll say it again - Red Rose, Red Rose, Red Rose!)