Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Say! What Are Those High Tech LED Lights Under The BQE?

lights 1

lights 2

lights 4

lights 3

photos taken by Jay

I must say, I am as intrigued by the giant lights underneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as reader Jay, who sent me the photos above and wrote:

"I am trying to identify the story behind the new high tech colored LED lights under the BQE near the bridge over the Gowanus around Smith Street. They seem to be 10 feet tall with one on either side of the bridge. They are pretty cool and change color from red, to blue to green. Is it... art? Do you know anything about it? I couldn't find anything on line. My question is: is it art?"

They do look neat. How about it? Does anyone have a clue what their purpose is? Could it really be an art installation?

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Anonymous said...

Most city projects have something call 2% for art. What you are seeing is the "art" for the reconstructed Hamilton Ave. Br. The artist was chosen by the a panel made up of the city's dept. of cultural affiars and the community board. They looked at a number of different proposal and rated each.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a light sculpture created by a Brooklyn-based lighting designer named Jim Conti.

Katia said...

Thanks so much for the info. How cool. I like the idea that there is an art installation at that spot.
Will google Conti right now.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if this is permanent?