Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Sue Perette" On Smith Street Now Open With "Opening Week Menu"

Sue Perette, the newest restaurant addition on Smith Street just opened last week in the space once occupied by Café Doré at # 270.  After a make-over,  this new establishment is looking much more inviting than its predecessor.  The "opening week menu", taped to the window,  looks simple, yet inventive, with a French twist.  The wine list features some intriguing choices.

According to the first two reviews on Yelp, the must-try are the lentils with preserved lemons.

Michael F. writes:
Sue Perette is THE sleeper Smith St restaurant of the year. It's the perfect neighborhood spot...
The decor is tastefully done. Exposed brick, wood panels, a charming little bar, and nice lighting. It's delicate and simple. Service is all done by the owners - an adorable french couple - who clearly put a lot of care into this restaurant. You get the sense it's a "this is our baby" kinda place for the two owners...
I got the pork shank which was undoubtedly one of the best pork dishes I've ever head, and put most lamb shanks to shame. Perfectly cooked fall-off-the bone meat that melted in my month. I hate bland food...and there was nothing bland about this dish. This dish took a true a true pro in the kitchen. My wife got the duck two ways. Again, wonderful. Both the breast and confit were perfectly cooked, packed with complex flavors. Excellent cooking.
And Susie P. writes
Sue Perette took my favorite path to differentiate from the neighbors.  Love and delicacy.  The menu is finely edited, and everything we ordered was delicious and the correct size, not too big, but plenty to enjoy for the flavors.  Our favorites  were the lentils with preserved lemon, the house, made with lots of love, pate, and the wild boar sausage.  We didn't get to the entrees on this visit, as we were looking for a nibble, but spying on our neighbors' dinners was a treat.  Happy, happy place.

Sounds pretty good, no? Have you eaten there yet, dear Reader?

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Anonymous said...

This place is a gem. Delicious food, excellent service. One of the best openings in the neighborhood.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

We'llhave to try it soon. However, when someone writes that the portions are "Just right" by being "Not Too Big" is nto a selling point at those prices.

Justin said...

Agree with Anon above. Delicious but simple food, carefully prepared with an eye toward detail. Also a friendly staff. The small plates are reasonable, but I wish I could afford to come here more often.