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Another Long Time Gowanus Resident Writes Letter To EPA's Lisa Jackson

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In the last week, Gowanus/ Carroll Gardens area residents have written letters to the Environmental Protection Agency's Administrator, Lisa Jackson, urging her to uphold her agency's integrity by keeping politics out of the decision-making process. The letters were sent in response to reports that New York Mayor Bloomberg has phoned Lisa Jackson directly to push the city's alternative plan to the EPA's listing of the Gowanus Canal as a Superfund Site.

The EPA had reassured the community repeatedly that the decision would be based purely on science, not politics.

The letter bellow is by a twenty-year resident of the Gowanus area.

As an engaged community member I have attended many meetings over
the year that were held by various agencies such as USACE and DEC.
We were offered a glimmer of hope that something would happen with
the canal but these plans went nowhere. Myself and others do not
have faith that the city will be able, or even want to, complete the
job. The City and Cas Holloway have made no secret that the canal
will remain on NPL and could be designated as a Superfund site at a
later date if the City can not perform. The EPA has the expertise,
knowledge, and resources to get the job done and in a manner that is
safe for the many residents who live in close proximity to the
canal. I do not believe that the City and possibly developers will
be as conscientious . My sense however is that the City won't begin
any actual clean up. Rather, they will ram through their rezoning
plan and use three or four years to complete "studies" while luxury
housing is being built and then request that the canal be designated
a Superfund and thereby leaving new condo owners holding the bag.
Additionally, I am not even sure that the lots located along the
canal's banks are suitable for large scale development due to sub
soil conditions and the water table. I do know, however, that the
canal must be cleaned and this should be completed before any
residential development is contemplated. It also stands to reason
that the potential for a future designation would also scare off
developers/private investment.

I also want to address the Toll Brothers project as I am sure they
have also been heavily lobbying your agency. Toll Brothers has been
in contract for several years to purchase the site. The contract was
contingent on their obtaining a rezoning which the did in early
March. They could have closed on the property then but for whatever
chose not to.

Rumors are circulating throughout the neighborhood that the City
Administration is continuing to lobby your agency even though the
comment period has ended and that is my reason for writing to you.
Please do not let the political pressure exerted by the Bloomberg
Administration interfere with your decision making process and
designate the canal a Superfund site.

Again, I wish to thank you and your team. The neighborhood views
Walter Mugden, George Pavlou, and Natalie Loney as rock stars.
Myself and many others have confidence that they will get the job
done properly and safely for both current and future residents.


***Please send your own email or phone to the following:

*Lisa Jackson, Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency
202-564-4700 email:

*President Obama, The White House
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

*Governor David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
to email, click here

*NY Senator Charles Schumer: 914-734-1532

*NY Senator Kristin Gillibrand: 212-688-6262

*Representative Nydia Velazquez: 718-599-3658

*Representative Yvette Clarke: 718-287-1142

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