Tuesday, October 06, 2009

'Cobble Hill Drawing Studio' Art Opening At Starting Artists


The Cobble Hill Drawing Group
Art Opening
at Starting Artists
211 Smith Street
on Thursday October 8
from 6 to 9

Jacqueline Raque

Vince Joseph

Stephen Negrycz

Jen Hill

Phyllis Schlesinger

Mike Tang

John Koerner

Sally Agee

Kathleen Bliss

Jay Brady

Pat Dawkins

Todd Galitz

Charles Giraudet

Ernest Hutton

The Cobble Hill Drawing Studio's art opening at Starting Artists is going to feature the works of my three friends, Jacqueline Raque, Vince Joseph and Stephen Negrycz. The group has been drawing together for years and I am really looking forward to seeing their collective work.
The opening is open to all.
The show will be on display until October 31st.

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