Friday, October 09, 2009

A Very Special Moment In This Blogger's Life

Max then

IMG_4945 by you.

Max now

Max Photographing by you.

_MG_0003 by you.
photo credit: Max Kelly

Dear Reader,

Please forgive me for not posting today. You see, it is a special day in my life and I just need to stop and savor the moment before it is gone.

Today, my youngest, Max, is turning 18. I could say that the years passed quickly and that he grew into a man in the blink of an eye, which is all true. But that would be denying all the incredible love, joy, marvel, fear and frustrations that brought us to this moment.
Yes, raising a boy into a man is not easy, but it has been one of the most wonderful challenges of my life.

My youngest, my little blond toddler, is today the tallest member of this family. He has safely navigated through his high school years and has found a passion that he pursues with admirable dedication. Though he sees the world differently than me, I have to smile when our cameras point at the same object. Somehow, like me, he finds beauty in the strangest places.

I am so proud of him. And though I do miss that little boy, I am excited to see what Max, the man, will do with his life. Whatever it is, he will always be able to count on my love and support.

Happy Birthday, my son!

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Marianne said...

First, a very happy birthday to Max.
18, ah yes, that's a big one!
and secondly, that photo of the bridge between the buildings is magazine-worthy. A great eye (to go with his great family). All the best from here to there.

Katia said...

Hi Marianne,
Thanks so much. Will certainly let Max know what you said about his photo. Its one of my favorites.

Hope your clan is well. Coming here from there anytime soon? Would love to see you.

Anonymous said...

The years do fly by!! Happy Birthday to Max!
Warmest wishes - your orthodontist ;)

Triada Samaras said...

Happy Birthday Max and welcome to the Adult Artist in Brooklyn Club! (The "ABC's") Would you like to be the new President, perhaps? :)


Katia said...

Hello Dr. Costallos,
Nice to know that you are still reading.
Thanks for the wishes. Will tell Max.
We will come to see you soon for a check-up. I better tell Max to put his retainer in!

Katia said...


Love the name! And the idea...
maybe i'll join.

Anonymous said...

Happy 18th, Max. I predict a great future for you as a photographer. At the risk of being repetitive, your work is exquisite. I love your focus - the sharpness of your images as well as what you look at, how you look at it. You already have a very personal voice and style, that is beyond your young age. It's pure. Congratulations to Katia and Glen, too!

Carola said...

Such a beautiful post, Katia... and we are so happy to be a part of your lives. Happy 18, Max!!! (you know I am still jealous!)

NYC Rhymology said...

Lovely post... My little one turns 3 *on my birthday* at the end of the month. (I got started late.) I look forward to the years going along as lovingly as they have been, and as lovingly as you convey. PS: Happy Bday, Max.

Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday Max!