Monday, October 19, 2009

What If The Gowanus Canal Were Clean: PS 58 Fourth Graders Dare To Dream


Could you imagine what the Gowanus Canal area could look like if the waters of the waterway were clean? For the 4th Graders at PS 58, this vision would include water slides, surfboards, boats and healthy fish, and on its shores, picnics, playgrounds, lots of grass and ice cream. And above it all, there would be a wide blue sky.

This does not exactly match with the plans that Mayor Bloomberg and the Toll Brothers have for the area, but the children's dream of a clean environment for the canal is shared by the entire community. I know I do.
The " Hopes And Dreams For The Gowanus Canal" exhibit was part of the Annual Gowanus Arts Show Tour this last week-end.
The art was produced by the entire 4th grade class at PS 58. I would like to thank their art teacher, Megan Kimball, for engaging the children in such a meaningful way and for allowing them a voice in such an important dialogue.
Please check out Ms. Kimball's blog here.


Plow to Plate said...

The kids are our future. If this is their vision of it, would be great to give it to them!

Anonymous said...

This is not just child's play. The children realize the unique nature of this place and identify with the most valuable use for this area--a place in which to interact with nature.

It's too bad that the city planners haven't been able to see the real value of this place, yet.