Monday, November 23, 2009

Community Board 6 Chosen To Test "We Are Looking Into It" Street Decals To Identify Reported '311' Road Conditions

2009-11-23 MOO NYC Marks the Spot

This just in from Community Board 6 Manager Craig Hammerman. Our district has been chosen as a test area for the city's new orange street repair stickers. On Monday, November 23rd, the new marking will be used to identify road conditions called in by residents through the 311 system.
Supposedly, this will give residents a way of tracking the city's coordinated response to the problem. The bright orange sticker's "NYC: We Are Looking Into It" slogan may, however, quickly turn into a joke if the city takes too long to execute repairs.

If you, dear Reader, spot the first such sticker in the neighborhood, drop me a line or send me a photo to post.

More information on this city initiative below:

New York City Marks the Spot (in Brooklyn Community Board 6)

Beginning November 23, 2009 you may notice some changes on the streets in your neighborhood.

New York City inspectors will test street decals as an innovative approach to marking pavement for repair on City Streets.

Why will the City mark the spot?

These markings (pictured on flyer) are used to identify and mark roadway conditions reported by customers for repair and to let everyone know that the City is coordinating repair of the issue and to mind the hazard.

When a customer calls 311 to report a condition for repair, a City inspector will visit the site and determine the necessary next steps. For many issues, private companies, utilities or other City agencies may be required to respond which may influence the duration of repair. City inspectors will affix a small, bright orange decal adjacent to the site. For issues that are repaired immediately, no decal will be used.

Customers will know the City is "looking into" repair of the issue.

What can customers expect?

This program is designed to provide customers with greater transparency of how the City is responding to roadway issues and will not provide any obstruction to the roadway surface.

This pilot program will continue into 2010.

To learn more information about street conditions, please visit the reference materials section at

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