Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Explore Carroll Gardens West With 'Lost City' Blogger

photo credit: Lost City

All the spots for the November 22 walking tour have been filled, but a new date has been added.
Please reserve your spot for the December 6th tour of Carroll Gardens now.

Fellow blogger and friend Brooks, over at '
Lost City,' is organizing his very first walking tour. On November 22, he will lead a group through what he calls Carroll Gardens West, "the once (and still?) Mob-infested streets on either side of Moses' Gulch, better known at the BQE, from Hamilton to the south to Degraw on the north" as he describes it.
This is bound to be fascinating. If you know his blog, you know that Brooks is a wealth of information. Space is limited, so make sure you reserve a spot early.

Lost City Walking Tour
on Sunday, November 22,
at 11 AM

Meeting place: the southwest corner of Henry and Sackett Streets,
in front of
Naidre's cafe.

For all other information and to reserve , go to Lost City

For Home Page, click Pardon Me For Asking


impa said...

Great, pay some newbie $20.00 to hear 'history' of carroll gardens west--yeah, right.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Hi Impa...

LOL - my wife & I said the same thing. One more than 1 occassion we've overheard "Professional Tour Guides" mis-speak, mis-quote and overall "miss" all the real bullet points about the area.

Why not pay Katia to lead a group, knowing that she would probably donate have the money or at least spend it in our own neighborhood.

Kelly said...

Actually, Impa and Raised in CG,

Brooks is also a resident of the neighborhood and writes a great blog as well. So the money will stay right here. You should check his site out. He has done an incredible amount of research on the neighborhood's history.

Rick Monaco said...

Just the fact that he chose in front of Naidres as the meeting spot, as opposed to, say, in front of Mazzola, speaks volumes.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Impa, Raised in Carroll Gardens, RM: I've lived in the area 15 years; in New York 21 years, gathering history and knowledge all the way. I chose Naidre's because it's a very visible place that everyone knows, and because it's very near the first three places I visit on the tour--not because I necessarily like Naidre's. (It seems incredibly superficial to judge a tour based on where it begins.) I invite all three of you to come on my next tour gratis and at the end you can tell me whether I know what I'm talking about. One catch: if I tell you three things you didn't know, you have to pay the $20.