Tuesday, December 22, 2009

After Months Of Anticipation, Doors Finally Open At Union Market On Court Street

After months of anticipation, the doors of the new Union Market store at 288 Court Street finally opened and frankly, it was worth the wait. Not only is the space beautiful, but everything, from the produce, meat, fish, cheese and bread looks amazingly fresh and delicious.
But it is no doubt the prepared food section which will appeal and bring people in the neighborhood back to the store multiple times. Neighborhood residents will be glad to stop here to get a freshly roasted chicken, grab a prepared side-dish and a fresh loaf of bread as an alternative to restaurant take-out.

It certainly doesn't offer a wide-enough selection to be able to compete with Fairway, but hey, not everyone has a car, nor do people want to spend their week-end going to Red Hook to shop.

I, for one, think this is a great addition to the neighborhood. Much better than the ratty Blockbuster that was there before.

Let me know what you think, dear Neighbors!

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Matthew said...

Doesn't D'amico sell 'Cobble Hill blend' coffee? Let's hope they are one and the same, because it would a shame if this brand new nabe business started by ripping off a treasured local institution!

Katia said...

hey, you are right, Matthew!
They do have a blend by that name.
We'll have to ask them.

Andrea said...

I haven't been yet, but have been checking your blog for updates and am glad it's finally open! I think it will be great. I moved to Carroll Gardens a year ago and enjoy your blog, thank you! I'm spending my 2nd Christmas here with my sister (who also moved to the hood a year ago) and our parents from the Midwest. Are there any neighborhood "must dos," or must eats, or must sees for the holidays? It's such a great neighborhood and I don't want to miss anything! Happy holidays!

Maryann B. said...

I went into Union Market earlier this afternoon, and I was pleased by what I saw. The prices are competitive, except for certain produce items ($2.99 for one artichoke!!). But aside from that, the produce was fresh, attractively displayed, and well priced. The fish was also fresh...clear eyes, clean gills. The meat section was good, and the prices were quite reasonable for prime cuts. I found a small, but nice, selection of fresh pasta which is very convenient, especially since the closure a few years ago of Pastosa Ravioli which was a great source for ravioli, manicotti, etc., something that is sorely lacking in CG. The bakery section was very tempting, but I had just been at Court Pastry for our Christmas goodies, so I resisted...for now. I also asked the "cheeseman" about a certain type of Italian cheese (even though I'm Italian), and he very nicely offered me a taste. It was exactly what I wanted (imported Auricchio mild, not sharp), so I purchased it. That's the type of "old world" service we used to get in CG, so I hope they keep it up. In general, I thought that Union Market has a very well edited selection of foods, and I will shop there again.

Eliot said...

A few of my neighborhood food favorites for Andrea: Frankies meatballs and braciole, charcuterie at Prime Meats, Vinny's eggplant and chicken parmigiana, Anselmo's pizza in Red Hook, anything at Baked, inexpensive middle eastern at Zaytoons, and deli sandwiches from Caputo's.

Anonymous said...

you'd think for the price there would be a sourcing guide.

All I really want to know is where its from and when it was picked.

NYC has some of the worst produce in the world. Its old devoid of taste and nutrients.

This place gets its produce from the same place every other NYC shop does, just has a higher mark up.

The concept of local food is still very very distant to any of the food hawks. Fairway perhaps the worst.

vertigimol said...

Hi- I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced disillusionment in relation to Union Market yet. Here are a list of my complaints:
-Many items are not priced but often the most inexpensive ones are
-They have frequently been out of stock of things- stumptown decaf, rye boule, and various other things
-I have actually returned all of the following:
-rancid nuts
-granola that is mushy and has rancid nuts
-cheese that is moldy where it shouldn't be and has the flavor of refrigerator
-bread for being stale

-I was also horrified on one occasion to have brought some sliced turkey which was put into a plastic to go container that was way too big for the amount I bought. When I mentioned that I thought the container was extememly wasteful and that I would have preferred a simple plastic bag they looked at me like I was from outer space.

I am dumbfounded that a store that calls itself a spcialty shop is getting away with such incredibly condescending and irresponsible practices. I am even more dumbfounded that everyone seems to love their products.