Thursday, December 03, 2009

Best Comment of The Day: Councilman De Blasio Gives "The Bird" To Entire Community


Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Breaking News! On His Way Out, Councilman Bill De Blasio Sticks It To Carroll Gardens

No matter who wants to use a courtyard like this in CG, a school or anyone else in Carroll Gardens, this is just plain wrong, wrong wrong.

No else is allowed to do this and Hannah Senesh should admit their admit their idea is a terrible one for Carroll Gardens.

The Courtyards are PUBLIC property and the City saying they will give away one of them for one dollar should put that courtyard on the auction block becaue I want it for 2 dollars!

As for Mr. DeBlasio he has just given the "bird" to an entire community of devoted and tireless citizens he supposedly "worked" with for years.

This more than anything that comes out of his mouth or is printed on his hypocritical webpage should tell the rest of New Yorkers to hang on to their public propeties because unforuntaley here comes a thief and a liar if there ever was one.

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Anonymous said...

De Blasio sucks. Btw, you "flip" the bird, youi don't "give" the bird.

Anonymous said...

Yes, De Blasio does indeed suck. Too bad so many voters fell for his progressive BS.