Monday, December 14, 2009

Best Comment Of The Day: A Very Green Industry In Brooklyn?


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Cheers! Brooklyn Wine Exchange Now Open On Court Street":

"Wine Exchange" and can we "green" this business?

Despite all of our sorting, NYC does not recycle glass because of the colored glass, which is almost all made-up of wine bottles. Yet Brooklyn has a very green industry in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that needs colored glass. Because they can't get local recycled colored glass, they can't get LEED points for using local recycled materials.

Brooklyn is a progressive town and it would be wonderful if all of our local wine shops would come together to form a real "exchange" for those empty bottles that could then be recycled into new building materials just north of here in the Navy Yard. We could all bring our empties back to the wine shops as we get new bottles. It's not as efficient as in France where you can get your wine bottle refilled at the shop--no recycling needed--but it's better than what is going on now.

Maybe Brad Lander might want to take up a new environmental initiative like this one as he sets his agenda as our new City Councilman. It would certainly be a much better way to start off in office than alienating the community by carrying forward any of the legislative agenda left over from his predecessor.

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