Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheers! Brooklyn Wine Exchange Now Open On Court Street


Now, you can do your food shopping at Trader Joe's and then stop right next door to buy your wine.

The Brooklyn Wine Exchange at 138 Court Street just opened its doors a few days ago.
The wine store is the new venture of Patrick Watson, who already owns Smith & Vine, the cheese shop Stinky as well as the wine bar Jake Walk.
I have come to love Smith & Vine and am looking forward to browsing the selection at this new store.

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Anonymous said...

Tried it a couple days ago, great staff and fair price, makes sense to be next door to Trader's Joe!

A nice addition to our area...

Now let's see the new "market" on Court street by Degraw (former Blockbuster). Looking forward the selection and above all the pricing!

I heard that their rent is $23K a month!...

Anonymous said...

one time i went to smith & vine on a monday, about 2 minutes before they discount everything at 6 or 7pm. Right when I was walking out I saw they gave the discount, I asked if I got it. the guy behind the counter said no, I asked if i could, he said no that it starts in a few minutes and i already checked out. have i been back? no. will i go back? no. will i tell friends and family this story? yes. will they lose business? maybe. If you need wine, go to the nice folks up the street on Court next to the Coffee Shop or the place next to the Met on Henry.

Anonymous said...

"Wine Exchange" and can we "green" this business?

Despite all of our sorting, NYC does not recycle glass because of the colored glass, which is almost all made-up of wine bottles. Yet Brooklyn has a very green industry in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that needs colored glass. Because they can't get local recycled colored glass, they can't get LEED points for using local recycled materials.

Brooklyn is a progressive town and it would be wonderful if all of our local wine shops would come together to form a real "exchange" for those empty bottles that could then be recycled into new building materials just north of here in the Navy Yard. We could all bring our empties back to the wine shops as we get new bottles. It's not as effecient as in France where you can get your wine bottle refilled at the shop--no recycling needed--but it's better than what is going on now.

Maybe Brad Landers might want to take up a new environmental initiative like this one as he sets his agenda as our new City Councilman. It would certainly be a much better way to start off in office than alienating the community by carrying forward any of the legislative agenda left over from his predecessor.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

I agree about Smith & Vine: They are rude and do NOT care about the area. They are NOT from Carroll Gardens and thier Stinky Cheese Staff is just as bad.

I agree, go to the little place next to the MET (if you're going in that direction) or go to Vintage Cellars right next to the "F" on Smith between Union & President. {Even the people at Sctto on Court have gotten nicer over the years. And at least Scotto AND Vintage Cellars are from Carroll Gardens. The owner of Red Rose on Smith is the husband of the Vintage Cellars owner - - - And they were raised in and have family here in Carroll Gardens}

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the number to Exchange Wine? Need its despartly! Thanks

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

I figured I'd try Smith & Vine and Stinky Cheese again, just to see if there were any changes and to see if they were any nicer.

NOPE - 4th time at Smith & Vine and my 3rd time at Stinky Cheese proved more of the same:

Nasty Workers, Rude Staff, F.U. Attitudes.

I'm still sticking Scotto's when I'm on Court Street and Vintage Cellers when I'm shopping on Smith or getting off the "F".

They're FROM Carroll Gardens and they support other C.G. businesses.

Smith & Stink just take from the area and spend our money out of the Bourough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the staff at S and V. But don't for one second think that the BWE is the same - they definately are not. And ownership is mostly (except for Patrick - a really great guy, who by no means represents his former staff at S and V) neighborhood guys. The other two thirds of ownership were both born and raised in this part of Brooklyn. Let go of S and V, and go to the BWE for great wine.

Anonymous said...

I kind of agree on S&V ,Stinky , Jakewalk there is in there ( it comes from the owners) a certain self assumed pompous attitude that is reflected on the way customers are treated. I want to spend though a good word for my friend Chris Modica co-owner of BWE he is a true Brklnite and knows his turf. He deserves all the opportunities in spite of his associations.