Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Comment Of The Day: Tom Gray Should Save His Soul


Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Breaking News! On His Way Out, Councilman Bill De Blasio Sticks It To Carroll Gardens ":

Good job New Yorkers for electing not only one of the least qualified candidates but a Developers Advocate for Public Advocate. We tried to warn you.
This is quite a FU to Carroll Gardens. This law sets a dangerous precedent for the neighborhood and opens the door for future changes in the law. I am surprised that there is no opportunity for public comment. 360 Smith and Hannah Senesh School should go through the BSA. I knew Bill's support of the downzoning was political pandering.
Now I hear that Tom Gray will be Bill's land use "expert". Does Betsy Gotbaum have a land use expert? Tom Gray is still young and should save his soul and go back to Ohio.
I feel for my neighbors who supported Bill's campaign. They must be kicking themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I feel that this comment is ugly and mean spirited. You can disagree with politicians and use the power of the vote if you so choose, as well as the power of the pen, but to personally attack a staff member that has diligently come to our community meetings and responded to our emails and phone calls in such a way is disgraceful. To personally attack anyone in such a way undermines the process by which we foment change, and I for one will distance myself from any group that partakes in such kind of discourse!

Anonymous said...

Personally i think that bill de blasio has done a fabulous job so far. I have has a chance to see how it is his office runs and there is not better way to run an office that oversees and is accountable for so much. The public advocate’s office is doing far better now then with gotbaum and now they have less then half the budget. As far as Tom Gray goes he’s an ingenious thinker with a fresh perspective, and that comment about him being young and saving his soul come one mans nearly 30 and from what i can see he’s still the life of the party. also i think he’s really cute, got a great ass.