Sunday, January 10, 2010

Did You See This Happen? Man Injured By Falling Construction Fence At 360 Smith Street


(photo credit: Found In Brooklyn)

Did You See This Happen?

I was hit in the head by part of the construction wall on this corner at Smith and 2nd Place. It fell on Friday the 8th of January between 3:45 and 4pm. If you witnessed this, please contact me. Thank you in advance.
Contact: or call 917-776-1514

I tend to avoid walking past construction fences or under scaffolding, but, of course, sometimes it cannot be avoided. Just two months ago, an iron pole came crashing down just feet away from my head as I was walking under a scaffolding in Manhattan. So now, I am even more careful.

With good reason it seems!

This past Friday, an accident occurred at the 360 Smith Street construction site, according to fellow blogger, Ms. Found In Brooklyn, who forwarded me the information. Apparently, part of the blue plywood fence fell onto a passer-by. The man suffered a minor concussion. He is now searching for witnesses to the accident and fliers, like the one above, have been posted around the area.

Let's hope someone witnessed the incident and will come forward.


Michael over at Carroll Gardens Diary just sent over these photos of the construction fence at 360 Smith Street. He writes:

Just walked by the 360 Smith/Oliver House site, and looks like they are boxing out the section of the fence that fell down on that guy.
Making people walk in the street and losing a few more parking spots.

Thanks for the update, Micheal.

photos courtesy of Carroll Gardens Diary

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