Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part 2: Hey Neighbor! You Know That Carroll Park Is Not A Dog Run, Right?


Wow, yesterday's post about people taking their dog(s) into the "No Dogs Allowed" areas of Carroll Park certainly sparked a heated debate. 
Some of you felt that it wasn't a big deal. Others thought that some dog owners in the neighborhood were self-righteous for allowing their pooches free run of the park.
One reader sent in the photos above, taken yesterday right at the entrance of the ball field.
Yes, dear Readers. That's dog shit right in the area where children play.
Kind of illustrates the problem, no?
For those dog owners who care about the official Parks Department rules on dogs in Carroll Park, here they are:
*No dogs EVER allowed off leash in the Park.
*No dogs allowed in the Ball field, children's play area, sprinkler area and planting beds.
*Dogs are allowed ON LEASHES in the area around the monument and along the Smith Street side.


Anonymous said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words...and make the point most eloquently.

natty said...

you got to take pictures of dog poo? really katia? dont get too close!

Anonymous said...

I agree.....dogs are cute but the park is for kids to play. Kids should have a place to play where parents do not need to worry about them stepping or touching dog shit!!
That is hard to find in the city as dogs are everywhere.

Often dog owners cannot cleanup the dog poop properly. I watched from my window last week as some poor dog owners with their baby in their stroller tried to clean up their dog diarrhea. It was right in front of my stoop. Literally dead center of my gate. They tried their best as I watched them! I do not have a hose in my front yard so I could not offer to spray the sidewalk down.....

anyways...the park is not a dog run! But maybe there should be some signs telling these ignorant people where the dog run is as they may not know! I do not know where it is, though it probably is easy to find if they were to google it!

dog poop in better than the owners' poop brain said...


Sorry to burst your bubble readers, but city owned dog runs require you to pick-up your dog poop, too.

So it's not even a question that they THINK Carroll Park is a Dog Run - even if it were, they'd still be required to pick-up the poop.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to revisit this post because of a similar experience I had today, only in reverse. We brought our 5-month-old puppy to Hillside Dog Run in Brooklyn Heights, which was covered in snow. As usual dozens of parents show up with dozens of kids to sled down the hill inside the dog run. My very well behaved, if not excitable, puppy, got enthused by the action and at one point, playfully nipped at a kids arm. To which the obnoxious parent tells me that my dog should be trained to not bite children!!! And of course, explaining to this person that his child is SLEDDING IN A DOG RUN, so he should maybe expect that to happen some times, because dogs are trained while on leads, NOT WHILE RUNNING OFF-LEASH IN A DOG RUN WHERE YOU'RE LITTLE BRAT SHOULDN'T BE SLEDDING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Kelly said...

I agree with you.
Kids should not be taken to a place specifically set aside for dogs.

Thanks for making the point.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a dog owner who needs to read the rules posted at Hillside Park, which say that when it snows, sledders have priority in the park.

As an FYI, that was part of the agreement for making it into a dog park--that kids could still come in and sled when it snows.

So, the "little brat" was exactly were he was supposed to be, doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing. The parent who told this owner to control the dog was completely right.

Sadly, the self-righteous and obnoxious dog owner was not doing what they were supposed to be doing: controlling the dog so he did not interfere with the sledding child who on THAT particular day had more right to be on that hill than he did.

Oh, and your dog should be trained not to bite children, whether he's on a lead or not. I know it's a pain, but it's not fair that your dog should be in danger of being put down after biting a child because you couldn't be bothered to train him to never bite people unless he is instructed by you to do so.