Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Comment Of The Day: Planning Laws Can Be Flouted


TC has left the following comment on the post "
No Carroll Without The Gardens! Help Protect Our Courtyards":
As a new resident of Carroll Gardens and having previously lived in the UK, frankly I am stunned at the slapdash way in which planning is dealt with here. The building on 2nd and Smith would never have made it past first base with the amount of people adversly affected by the sheer size of it. As for the proposed Hannah Senesh School extension, it matters not that it is presently a carpark and not a garden, what matters is, if an extension is built, the building line is moved forward and sets a precedent for other applications to be made in the same vein. It seems that here, with money and the right connections, planning laws can be flouted with impunity.

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Matthew said...

Welcome to America, mate. Money is god here, and our religion is capitalism. You should see the "planning" in parts of the country where the big dogs really rule.