Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Moment Back In Time: Brooklyn Bar Circa 1900's

Bar old

"A bar in Brooklyn
around 1900"

That is all I know about the photo.
I wish I could tell you more.

I love the gas lamps, the woodwork and the dapper gents standing at the counter.

How about you, dear Reader?

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John said...

It looks like the Brooklyn Inn to me. But I'm not sure what year the wood in that bar was brought over from germany.

Lisanne said...

Could be but probably isn't the Brooklyn in on Hoyt and Bergen Street..if you want that feeling go there!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Zombie Hut.

Anonymous said...

It appears strikingly similar to the Brooklyn Inn... Which if memory serves, used to be a pushcart depot. Not sure when it switched over!

Lifetime Carroll Gardener said...

Carroll Gardens had lots of bars way back when...there was one on Smith & Sackett, and one on Court & Union until the 60's, and of course it could always be Hanley's. I remember up until around 1990 Hanley's was still an "all man's" bar - no women really ever in there. Zombie Hut wasn't a bar until a few yrs ago, and the Brooklyn Inn that was a pushcart depot isn't that old either - unless stuff was brought in, it was a pushcart ( hot dog vendors) depot until the 1980's.

Brooklyn Flaneur said...

When I moved to Brooklyn in 1977 the Brooklyn Inn was a fancy restaurant called Huberts. In the early eighties it beacame a not so fancy restaurant that lasted maybe into the ninties then it became the no frills bar it is today. It didn't have a name for some time I think that the owners were told to name the business so it became the the Brooklyn Inn. It was taken over a few years ago but didn't change too much ; they now have free nuts and the kitchen area has become a snug.

Julie Kelly said...

It is much similar to Brooklyn Inn but the fact is I am not much confident about the year the wood in that bar was brought over from Germany. Keep updating.

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