Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comment Of The Day:The "Luquer Street Boys"


Frustrated on Luquer has left the following comment on the post "Neighborhood News: Beating Of Young Man In Carroll Gardens Investigated As Possible Hate Crime":

There is a self-styled gang who are a complete menace to this block (Luquer between Clinton & Hamilton), long known as "The Luquer Street Boys." While it's not certain that these thugs were the perpetrators of this attack, it would come as no surprise to any residents of the block that they were behind it.

These guys (and one is quite literally a BOY, no more than 15 or 16) flagrantly violate the law and disrupt the quality of life for the neighborhood, with large groups publicly drinking, smoking weed, blasting music from their cars, speeding up and down the block (literally up and down...speeding to the stop light, then throwing it in reverse, then back again), blocking foot traffic by parking their cars across the sidewalk, and leaving random car parts on the curb after they've worked on their rides.

I have personally called the 76th precinct numerous times over the years about their violation of the noise ordinance, their public partying, and their contributing to the delinquency of a minor, yet I NEVER see a squad car respond.

It's high time our community banded together to scrub the neighborhood clean of this sort of scofflaw activity and make sure that we're all safe in and around our own homes. We need to hold the 76th precinct's feet to the fire...I completely place blame for this on their shoulders for not nipping obvious, flagrant criminal activity in the bud. These thugs have almost assumed ownership of the block through fear and intimidation (not to mention the enabling of one middle aged man who lives on the block and sometimes joins their partying). It's time that we took it back.

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Anonymous said...

The 76th REFUSES to add patrols (on foot or in squad car) and the few Car patrols I've seen generally have 1 of the 2 officers either riding with his/her eyes closed on chatting away on a cell phone.

Oh... I've even seen the Squad Car DRIVER on a Cell Phone (NOT the radio) WHILE the 2nd "back-up" sound asleep.

It's time they patrol the fringe areas and the parks - NOT just Joy Ride!

resident said...

I am an owner on luquer st and agree with the parts of this report regarding the hanging out, loud music and weed, but the rest is a bit exaggerated about the parking on the sidewalk, drag racing and auto parts. The police have stopped by multiple times to our street for this, but the boys always get a smile and slap on the wrist.
With two unfinished (stalled) construction sites, this street kinda gives the invite to hangout and leave your trash and smash bottles so that may be one of the core problems.
Regarding violence, there have been several nasty domestic disputes on the street since I have been here with police intervention. I'm curious whether this recent news story will tone things down at all.

Anonymous said...

We can also see them double parking in front of Dunkin Donuts

Anonymous said...

They're too busy broadcasting sarcastic comments to the drivers on Smith St or harassing (and cursing at) 60 year old ladies going into the subway who don't scurry fast enough for them. The 76th needs to be cleaned out and reminded why they're here.

Kelly said...

To the reader who left the comment about the Luquer Street Boys, please call Detective Miller at the 76th Precinct. He would like some further information. He can be reached at (718) 834-3240

Frustrated, Not Fibbing said...

Dear "Resident:"

1. I had a tire left on my sidewalk last summer when they put a new one on one of their piece of crap Hondas. I have also seen them leave a dead battery on the sidewalk. I'm not talking about car doors or engines, but even a tire and a battery are car parts that need proper disposal...not dumping on our block.

2. While the racing up and down hasn't been as much of a problem lately, to say it doesn't happen is a laugh. You must have a very soundproofed back-of-building residence to miss their purposefully loud mufflers (which wouldn't pass inspection in NYS...which is why I presume they have Mississippi plates on their crappy hoopties) zipping to the light and then the whine when the speedily back up to Hamilton again.

3. Check out the "driveway" next to 115 Luquer: you'll find a car parked across the sidewalk for extended periods at least two or three times in any given week. Especially absurd since behind that big ol' wooden door is a huge enough space to park a city bus or two.

I don't know how long you've lived here, but this was all happening WELL before the two construction projects even started, let alone stalled.

Anonymous said...

Correction: I think those plates are Oklahoma, not Mississippi...but out of state, regardless.

Anonymous said...

I once called the 76th to repoort a crime (1 middle aged drunk trying to break into a car with a brick. He was SO drunk that it was almost funny; if it hadn't been someone else's car at 2:am)
When 3 patrol cars came the middle aged drunk - with brick still in hand, standing next to this car which he had dented on the roof & hood with each mark hi lited by bright red brick dust - was joked with then let go.
When I called from my window, "That's the guy I called about." A cop told me to mind my own business and get back to bed. when I said, "but I'm the one who called. I saw him smashing that brick onto that car." The cop said again 'get back to bed, now' and a 2nd cop said 'before we take you in!'

And lets not forget the time when a bike delivery guy was hit by a car on the corner of Clinton & Carroll and the arriving officers took staements from INSIDE their car becasue it was raining. (By the way, they stayed In the car. All witnesses stood along side of it in the rain.) Even the EMS told the cops, 'aren't you getting out to control some of this traffic before someone esle gets hit?!' One of the cops answered back, just get that guy on the truck and clear the corner.

As anon 3/10 @ 4:23 wrote: I, too have seen sleeping policemen on patrol. And Driving Police on thier personal cell phones.

{By the way, I don't fault the police for taking breaks at Dunkin' Donuts or any other place. I just wish they were "allowed" to get out of thier cars and walk the beat a couple of hours each day.}

I know being a police officer can be a danger to life & limb. I have police friends who were assigned to districts where they needed to draw their gun at least twice a month and I know others who were 20 year men who never drew their gun at all. I only hope that the 76th starts to Train these self centered, college educated, NEW generation cops how to actually "Police A Neighborhood!"

Anonymous said...

this story is absolutely disgusting and awful...that a bunch of borderline retarded boys can get away with this...and they will get away with it since our 76th doesnt do a friggin thing about anything.

do these 'boys' hang out with the dirtbags on nelson/clinton street in the big ugly rental building? sounds like some of the same behavior (then again they're all morons so how different can they be?) loud cars, hanging out in front of their crap section 8 rental building, babies and toddlers running around screaming til all hours. ugh...they'll stay forever unfortunately.

Long Time C.G. Resident said...

Anon 3/11 @ 3:38

I think you're going a little beyond the issue.

I have no problem with someone/anyone who is on Section 8
How can we compare crying babies & some harmless "Hanging Out" (even if the music is too loud) with a gang of kids who beat-up on a guy walking alone.

It's not an issue of renters vs. owners. I've lived long enough to see the kids of Brownstone Owners who were in gangs; who smoked pot in Carroll Park, harrassed young kids & old folks and even known a few to do some B & E - - - So lets not make this about economic class. It's about cowards & punks who try to intimidate regular, law abiding neighbors.

Anonymous said...

To Long Time C.G.:

Thank You! That's a great point!!

Anonymous said...

The 76th amazes me. I live on Henry between Degraw and Kane and there are kids smoking dope in the neighborhood and initimidating people all day, blatantly and the cops do NOTHING. What is wrong with them??? I'm new to the neighborhood and perplexed at their complacency.

Anonymous said...

I interact with these kids on Luquer pretty frequently since I moved there five years ago, certainly no friendships but I say hello as I pass by - dropped a grocery bag and they've helped - they've been a little rag tag, a little loud but generally not bad neighbors, in fact with two defunct construction sites I don't think it does the block harm to have people from the block outside all day, working on their cars or not.

However, I don't interact with them as many people that visit from off the block do - customers.

Their position as local entrepreneurs of a certain kind does make me wonder - they aren't muggers nor are they ever harassing to people on the street - it seems like a leap for them to become kids who would beat a gay kid up because he was gay.

Not to say that they aren't capable of beating someone up but I do think that violence is more or less provoked as a result of a business transaction and less so sexual orientation.