Thursday, March 04, 2010

Construction Incident At 360 Smith Street Yesterday


Reader Joe reported to me that there was a rather scary incident at the 360 Smith Street/ 131 2nd Place construction site yesterday, that could have had rather serious consequences. A huge piece of corrugated steel sub-flooring, like the one shown on the photo above, came crashing down on to Smith Street and crashed lengthwise between two cars that were parked across the street next to Frankie's diner.

Luckily, there were no pedestrians in the way, otherwise, as Joe said, "they would have been sliced in half."

As the construction crew was scrambling to remove the piece as fast as possible, a sergeant and officers of the 76th Precinct showed up. I tried calling the precinct to see if a report was written, but have not yet been successful in getting that information.

The sound of the crash must have been so loud that the principal of neighboring Hannah Senesh Day School came out to investigate.

Scary stuff.

Did you happen to witness the incident?

In early January, a young man was injured by a falling construction fence.

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Anonymous said...


Even Temp flooring is required to be "lashed down" so I wonder what other Short Cuts this project will entail?

Anonymous said...

I saw workers at the edge of the structure yesterday morning wearing safety harnesses that were not attached to anything.