Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From PMFA's Mailbox: Changing The Landscape Of Carroll Gardens Forever


I received an email from reader Phyllis Wrynn this morning regarding the 360 Smith Street development. I am sure she speaks for many in this community.

Dear Katia,

Every time my husband and I drive to Carroll Gardens, we pass the 360 (Smith Street) site, but somehow, inexplicably, I didn't know that it was a private development!

We have been working for 7 years against the monstrous development at Atlantic Yards and although we try to pay close attention to all of the issues that affect our low-rise Brooklyn communities, the 360 project was completely off of our radar!

We thought they were improving the subway entrance with some additional services. I can't believe how awful it is...and done by a totally discredited architect.

How did they get the permission to build such a high and dense building? How did this happen? Is it too late to stop?
It changes the landscape of Carroll Gardens COMPLETELY!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see your recent re-emphasis on 360 Smith, the reality of the over sized and over dense building is settling in on many now that it is going up. Remember we have an even bigger building coming to the corner of Court and Union in the near future. Will some still express surprise/dismay?
It makes me even more concerned for the loss of any of the front courtyards anywhere in Carroll Gardens and especially for the first proposed change at HS school at First Place. Let's not bemoan this afterwards but try to do somehting now.