Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's Next For Former Café Bueno/Trout/Gravy Space?




102 Smith Street

What's next for the former Café Bueno, which was the former Trout and before that the former Gravy?

Bueno was rather short lived. Opened in September '09 by chef Julio Bueno and Richard Krause of Café Luxemburg in Manhattan, it closed unexpectedly in December of the same year.

When I walked by on Monday morning, I noticed that workers were erecting a plywood fence.

Does anyone know what's next for the space?

Also, does anyone remember when this was a fruit and vegetable store?

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mcbrooklyn said...

Hi Katia, we used to buy our plantains there when it was a produce market. Still miss it.

Kelly said...

Hi McB,

That's so funny. Plantains is what came to my mind as well.

Anonymous said...

Not only do I remember shopping at the vegetable market, I remember when it was not safe to walk on Smith Street after dark! Alot of the younger residents don't believe me when I tell them how dangerous it used to be.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that there are no developers to put an hi-rise building there...

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Dear Anon March 17th @ 7:28

Me too! And, just like you, not many "youngsters" believe me when I say the same thing.

Smith Street was for DAY TIME SHOPPING ONLY! And what about Carroll Park itself. Did your parents ever let you go there EVER even if you were a teen? Carroll Park was a druggie "shooting gallery" and Smith Street was where they helped themselves to your money to support thier habits.
(I miss all the little Spainish Shops & Shopkeepers who had stores further along Smith Street. They were good neighbors. They kept an eye on us kids & our mothers while we did our shopping and they'd even pull us into thier stores when things would happen out on the street)

Later on, it was places like the Red Rose and Sal the Barber and Joe's Supperette that made our end of Smith safe.

Jeanette said...

I had a lovely dinner at Red Rose tonight. While we need to patronize newer places it's important to remember who was sticking it out here years ago.

stella said...

CG park was never a 'druggie shooting gallery'. I was a teen during the late 70's--Smith St. might have been a bit seedy, but raised in cg must have been a druggie, because it was not dangerous.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Dear Rude Stella,

And I was a teen in the early 70's. Carroll Park was used by drug Addicts to Shoot-up & do other things (and it happened in the late 1960's too) and Smith Street after dark was a "No Go Zone" for a number of years.

I'm glad things started to get better by the time YOU were old enough to be out alone.

It's similar to what Anon wrote the other day - there are just some people who feel that if it didn't happen in front of them then it just didn't happen!

Anonymous said...

Stella dear,
I was a teen in the late 60s, and there was actually a RIOT in Carroll Park one hot summer night. I remember being nearby on Carroll St and running for my life to get back home on President St before the commotion spilled out of the park and into the street. I was not and never have been a druggie either, just an innocent bystander visiting friends around the corner. The park WAS dangerous and so was Smith Street. There were also gang wars...the Degraw Street Boys and the SeaView Kids (if I'm not mistaken)from Red Hook. You are young, no doubt, but remember that history goes back a long way...way before you were born...

Lifetime Carroll Gardener said...

I do remember when Bueno was a fruit market back in the 1960's - we need another market like that, it was great.

Stella - you probably starting going to Carroll Park when they began finally cleaning it up. I was born in 196l, lived here ever since, and have seen the park go through some big changes. I remember when the cops were always in that park because they would find junkies shooting up, OD'ing on a daily basis. I remember when a boy from Sackett St., another from DeGraw St, from President St, from Court St all OD'd in that park in the same summer. I remember when the DeGraw St. Boy's & other gangs were around in the park, and stabbings occured too. Around 1974 they started locking the gates to the park again at dusk. You are completely off base when you say everyone must have been a junky - so many weren't but that's what alot of kids did back then - just like they do now. When I was a kid and wanted to go to the park my parents would always say no. I remember in 1973 going in the daytime, playing ball with friends, and left still during daytime, because their were some druggies in the park.
I currently live up the street from the park and am extremely happy that the park once again gets locked at night.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

To Anon 3/19 @ 3:01 p/m - Thank You!

Katia - I guess this answers your Post Question. You are a REAL Carroll Gardens "Old Timer" when you can correctly site events you lived through from the 1960's or before. But you can be considered a "True" Carroll Gardener if your able to resite "True Neighborhood History" - the Good, the bad or the ugly. Katia, YOU are a True Carroll Gardener! (Your Kids are, of course, natives.)

Stella - Again, I'm happy that when you were a teen Carroll Park started to get nicer. But remember, just becasue YOU didn't live through it, it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Stella said...

You're all trying to be all hard core. So a few 'events' happened, big deal. I had my older siblings read these comments and they think you're wussies--lol.

Raised in Carroll Gardens said...

Dear Stella,

A few of us were talking about memories, some of which you didn't share, yet you chimed in to say our memory was faulty due to OUR drug use.
Although YOU said that there were NEVER any druggies Shooting Up in Carroll Park, WE never said that there wasn't plenty of dim-wits in Carroll Gardens. (Hence, you & your siblings)
There are several of us, on this post alone, who remember the Dead & almost dead found in Carroll Park from using drugs.
I'm happy that your "Tough" siblings didn't over-use thier drug of choice and die in the park with those other poor souls.
You should be grateful for this instead of being so sarcastic.