Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hey, Neighbor! Pardon Me For Asking, But Why Were So Many Helicopters Flying Along Columbia Waterfront?

It would seem that there was quite a bit of helicopter activity along the Columbia Waterfront area in the last few days.

Reader Fred contacted me and asked me if I knew what it was all about. He writes:

I live down on Sackett and Columbia. The neighbors and I have been noticing the increased helicopter traffic the last few days. To me it looks like they are going by twos, from Red Hook, then over the Manhattan Bridge and then bearing east, and then repeating it....making a movie perhaps? These are not NYPD copters.
Do you have any info on this?

Unfortunately, I couldn't help him, but told him that I would put the question out there in case someone else knows more.
So how about it, dear Readers? Why were there pairs of helicopters flying back and forth along the Columbia Waterfront?

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Anonymous said...

TV traffic broadcast every morning.
The most stupid thing I ever saw. They are showing the BQE traffic jam to people who are having they breakfast. Useless pollution.

Anonymous said...

I think they tourist tours along the Brooklyn Bridge, lower Manhattan and Statue of Liberty.

Spring is here along with its increase with tourist traffic

You can see the copter traffic for the Brooklyn promenade, they land by the East River/lower Manhattan

I understand that the City needs tourism (especially in this economy) but I think it's more "happy few" tourism...

Jeanette said...

There were lots of copters flying over the river on Sat and Sunday morning, a noticeably large amount. More than in previous weeks. Looked like sight-seeing trips. I watch morning tv news and they show traffic reports only on weekdays.

Ten minute copter further the agenda to make this look like an amusement park for people with lots of disposable income, not what the real city is like. People should ridden the F train from mid-town to Brooklyn after working all day. That's what life is like here. Hell of a trip home tonight. Noisy, silly Manhattan. Garbled messages, several train changes, stops in stations, rumors of a fire at 15th street. Then....escape from the underground to Carroll Gardens twilight. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, beautiful.

No wait, maybe people shouldn't know this, because we live in one of the circles of heaven. Teh new park along the river is going to be great, especially if they really are able to finish as planned. Let's hope that copter pads aren't added to the plans. Happy Spring!

Margaret said...

Maybe we need to be active to make sure there are no helicopter pads as part of the new park. You may want to attend:
The NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

First citywide public meeting is scheduled for -
Date: April 8, 2010
Time: 6:00 PM- 8:30 PM
Location: Murry Bergtraum High School, 411 Pearl Street, Manhattan

Anonymous said...

Helicopter has been circling my block this entire morning. I see it out my front window, then I see it out my back window. All the time growling louder than a flock of Hell's Angel's going by. Been going on all weekend. It's driving us nuts!!! Tourism? Not worth the living hell for everyone on the ground!

Anonymous said...

If you had looked closer, you would have noticed a very large gyroscopic
camera enclosure.
These are housings for Panavision and like cameras.
Oh yes, they still shoot film.