Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whole Foods Site Hit With "Stop Work Order"







The NYC Department Of Buildings has issued two stop work orders to the extremely toxic Whole Foods Site at 214 3rd Street

A complete Stop Work Order (3338063) was issued to the extremely toxic Whole Foods Site at 214 3rd Street on April 7th. The order reads: "No Site Safety Plan Or Program Provided. Stop All Work Entire Site, Provide Site Safety Plan & Program."

On April 13, a second stop work order (3338646) was issued for "inadequate guardrails fences." It was partially rescinded the same day so that the guardrails can be fixed.

The lapse in safety is rather troubling considering that the environmental remedial action on the Whole Foods land is being overseen by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Over a century, the 2.15 acre site on the Gowanus Canal has been contaminated with a plethora of industrial waste from a former coal yard and petroleum oil company and freight company.
Under the Brownfield Clean-Up Program, Whole Foods "will receive tax credits to offset the cost of performing cleanup activities and for redevelopment of the Site."
The Whole Foods project has seen little action since 2006, when the national organic food purveyor announced that it was planning to build an approximately 77,000 square foot footprint commercial building housing a supermarket, along with a total of 414 parking spaces, including a 3 level parking garage.The store was tentatively supposed to open in 2008.

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Concerned said...

Is this the same DEC that has oversight over hydrofracking - the mining practice that endangers drinking water?

Anonymous said...

Is this is the same DEC who asked the EPA to superfund Gowanus and Newtown Creek because they prefer NYC shorelines to erode and be neglected?

Monique said...

Does this mean I'll have to wait longer to buy typhoid-laced arugula?

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