Friday, May 14, 2010

Toxic Abadi Site On Smith Street Finally Gets Adequately Secured



That was about time!
Mr. Abadi, the owner of the 455/459 Smith Street site finally did what he should have done a very, very long time ago: install a secure fence around his highly contaminated land.
Since last week, a higher, sturdier chain-link fence surrounds the site next to the Gowanus Canal.

The inadequate plywood fence that had previously been installed blew down countless times, exposing contaminated soil and an opening to the 3rd Street sewer line. The falling wood panels also damaged cars parked on Huntington Street between the canal and Smith Street at least twice. Those owners were never paid for the damage, because there was a problem with Mr. Abati's insurance. (It would appear that he did not have insurance for the site.)

The Abadi property has been declared a brownfield site due to the contaminated soil and coal tar left behind by the old Brooklyn Union Gas Company and various other industries. It is also next to the equally toxic six acre Public Place site, which the city intends to turn into a mixed-use development with over 700 units of low and middle -income housing after re-mediation.

In any case, the new fence is good news.

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