Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doehler Die Building At 505 Court Street All Wrapped Up





I hadn't actually walked by the Doehler Die Building at 505 Court Street at the corner of Huntington Street for while now, but yesterday, I was at that end of the neighborhood and was surprised to see that the building's exterior is undergoing some major repair.
Most of the windows on one side were sealed off and chunks of the concrete were chiseled out of the fa├žade.
The former manufacturing building built in the 1920's had been converted to rental apartments in the 1980's. In 2005, the building went condo and the apartments were sold off under the new name of The Court Street Lofts. ,

During the conversion from rental to condo, some renters warned that the building had lots of problems. Elevators did not work, windows rattled and were tough to open and the maintenance was high.
Most disturbing, the concrete sections on the exterior were deteriorating quickly and would require a costly repair.

I guess the time to address the issue has finally come.



Allyn Howard said...

Unfortunately, I live next door at 507. Friday I came home to lots of dust in the living room!! Guess wind blew it in. Plan to go over tomorrow, can't figure out why the building isn't covered with sheeting. There's not even a divider btwn our buildings :(

Like your blog! Found you through Carola :)

Sean said...

This was a once Thriving Factory. As A Child I Would Often Get Stuffed Animals tossed out the 7th floor window down to me.
As For The Facade, that's Been Repaired Many times. Doesn't Hold Up Over Time. I Think It's Because Of the Quality Concrete Being Used To adhere to Vastly Superior Original Mixture.

tr said...

I lived in that building for 9 years, until it went condo. It used to be called the "Chocolate Factory" and I never could figure out why. I assume that at one time a candy manufacturer was based there but I was able to find out the name of the company.

Anonymous said...

The Chocolate Factory was known as Wallace's Chocolates. My mother worked there ages ago !