Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Ready For Big PortSide BlueBQ And Support Our Waterfront


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I don't know about you, dear Reader, but I am going to stay right here for the 4th of July week-end. Forget trying to get out of he city without getting stuck in traffic. Instead, its going to be backyard barbecues with friends and taking advantage of an empty city. Besides, there are so many can't -miss events planed for this special week-end. Like this one below, right here on the waterfront. Read on:

Big PortSide BlueBQ

Help bring the CB6 Waterfront to life

Big Portside New York

Saturday, July 03, 2010 from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Pier 11 Atlantic Basin, Red Hook

enter Bowne St & Imlay St

Pioneer St & Conover St

no parking available on site during this event

Support PortSide programs this summer

PortSide NewYork has been working to create great waterfront programs in CB6. This year, we are offering expanded programs during a July+August stay in Atlantic Basin, Red Hook while we continue negotiating our permanent lease for that place.

Please support these exciting BlueSpace programs. If you can't come to the July 3 FunRaiser, you can donate on line at the event website.

Tickets: Adults $35, Kids $10 on sale here

A fundraiser in the spirit of our fun and educational programs:

BBQ from 6-8:30

Guests are invited to linger later to watch the sun set over the harbor

on pier 11, summer home of the Mary A. Whalen

Food from The Good Fork, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Tom Cat Bakery, Trader Joes, Betty Brooklyn and more


  • Peter Waldman, the Balloon Meister
  • Jack Putnam of South Street Seaport channelling Herman Melville
  • Live auction
  • kids wading pool, games, chalk, bubbles n balls
  • music by Smitty & more TBA

And don't forget to go check out the live auction page. below are three examples of what you can bid on.


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