Friday, June 25, 2010

Hooters Coming To Court Street? No, Wait! Actually, It's Just Another Real Estate Office




Hooters coming to 232 Court Street? I spotted the sign hanging in the window and crossed the street immediately to investigate. When I asked the construction crew if the chain known for its wings and busty waitresses was indeed coming to this location the men smiled.
"Sure they are!" the shirtless worker in the photos said. "And they are hiring waitresses right now!" he added.
I was wondering if he intended to apply himself...
After a bit of prodding, he admitted that the crew was just having fun.

Actually, a real estate office is coming to that location.

The storefront was occupied for years by the Oh Family's "Trusting Dry Cleaners" business, until they were forced out by a huge rent increase. Since then, the space and the building itself have undergone a major renovation.

The rental agency for the empty storefront was Vespa Properties, a few doors down at 262 Court Street. Vespa was in negotiations with a restaurateur, who was willing to take over not only the storefront, but the two garage spaces attached to the building on Baltic Street, to open a gourmet food store related to the restaurant.
However, at the last minute, the owner pulled out of the deal with the restaurateur in order to rent to the real estate office on his own. The two attached garage spaces will become separate businesses, but their completion has been delayed because of a landmark's issue.
No word yet if the realtor is related to a big chain. Stay tuned!


One of my readers just pointed out to me that "Mr. Shirtless" in the photos above is none other than the owner of the building.



Anonymous said...

Aside from the hooters silliness, I must say this is one of the nicer exterior building renovations I've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the real estate office went behind the back of the broker representing the space and rented directly from the owner- isn't this sleazy? They did exactly what they try to prevent their customers from doing- going direct to an owner to avoid paying a broker's fee!