Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Moment Back In Time: Frankie's Parents Got Married 63 Years Ago Today



This is for you, Frankie!

Life long Carroll Gardens resident and reader Frankie sent me this sweet photo of his parents' wedding day, taken exactly 63 years ago today, on June 29, 1947.
Frankie writes:

"Don't mind me for asking, but how wonderful if you placed this on your website.
It is my mom and dad's wedding, taken in front of St. Stephen. I can't help but say, over the years, everyone had a cup of tea or coffee at my parents' kitchen. It was so full of love.
You know, the picture tells a story how a few people, joined together, and, not intentionally, just by doing good things, working, raising a family, etc., well,...that was Brooklyn.
Now, you get a few hobos standing on the corner with a "Brooklyn" T-shirt."

I am happy to oblige by posting the photo, Frankie. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.


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Matthew said...

I don't think hoboes can afford "Brooklyn" t-shirts.