Thursday, June 17, 2010

Overturned SUV At Corner Of Smith And Sackett Streets Stops Rush Hour Traffic






At around 4:30 Pm, an accident involving an overturned SUV brought Smith Street to a virtual stop. Fire trucks , 76th Precinct police cruisers as well as an ambulance rushed to the scene.

From what I could gather, a car service driver sideswiped the SUV in the intersection of Smith Street and Sackett Street, causing the SUV to flip over.

I was told that the SUV driver was shaken up but all right.



bococalady said...

i was on the B75 at union and smith and it was chaos. i asked the driver if she could let me off since i live near warren st. i walked passed the site and i was like i hope nobody died. the SUV, looked bad.

Matthew said...

A car service driver? I'm shocked, shocked, that one of these paragons of safe driving would be involved in an accident.