Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picture Of The Day: Fire Escape Garden


An integral part of
summer In Carroll Gardens:
red geraniums
(and cosmos I think)
blooming happily on a fire escape.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I could still have plants on my fire escape! I had to remove my two small pots when my landlord informed me it's illegal -- though calls to 311, the Fire Dept., and the Fire Marshall all had different responses. 311 didn't know, the Fire Dept claimed that, as long as they were unobtrusive and not in the way of the stairs, it was okay. And the Fire Marshall said that nothing is allowed on fire escapes.
Do you, Katia, or any of your readers, know if it is indeed allowed? Until then, I'll just work on some flower boxes to hang from the fire escape!

Anonymous said...

It's illegal. I think the idea is that even if you just have a few pots, in the case of a fire where everything is frenetic, you can't see..people are pushing..etc any small obstacle could create large problems.

In light of what could happen, it's probably reasonable -- no one thinks they'll ever need it, until they do.

Anonymous said...

It is illegal. Unfortunately it's sole purpose is for escaping a fire, not balcony use. Not to mention that when the fire escapes are on the street side of the building you risk having something fall on someone below. Yes I have seen this happen.

BevD said...

Its definitely illegal- from when i was a very young child- all the neighbors knew enough- no basil, tomatoe, very pretty flowers,etc Nothing to obstructing from getiing up or down s firescape-Also, with these high winds and crazy storms, as yesterday- flying objects on firescapes-can injure someone. Surprised that 311- for me is a very poor site phone number with my past experiences- they take your issues-give you a number to tag it- than nothing works out from it. Flowers are for indoors or ask your landlord for a section of their garden to plant. Problem is resolved.

Marie said...

"Ask your landlord for a section of garden to plant"

Hahahahahahahahahaaha. Wheeze...