Thursday, July 01, 2010

Help Find Lost Pigeon. Responds To "Dennis"




I apologize to Rand for first thinking that the above flier, hanging on a light post on Court Street and Atlantic Avenue, was the work of someone with a great sense of humor, but something made me dial the number that was included in the text.
"This is a joke, right?" I asked Rand
"Not at all!" he replied.
Rand explained that he has been taking care of Dennis since he was a few days old. He is about one years old now. On Monday, Rand was walking with Dennis near Trader Joe's on Court Street, when Dennis slipped out of his leash.

Rand understands that some people will think that one pigeon is like the other, but Dennis is special to him. He posted his picture around the neighborhood, hoping that other bird lovers will recognize Dennis' special markings. Otherwise, he hopes that his feathered friend will find his way home by himself.

Don't know about you, dear Readers, but I will certainly take a second look at the pigeons I encounter on my walks around the neighborhood. Maybe you can do the same? Let's see if we can reunite Rand and Dennis.

If you happen to come across Dennis, please call the number indicated on the flier.



babs said...

Back when people used to keep pigeons it wouldn't be so unusual to look for a lost one (except they were usually stolen by a rival's flock). Let's hope this guy has good pigeon instincts and finds his way home - or maybe he got lonely being an only pigeon and joined up with a flock. Eiterh way, I hope he doesn't end up on the streets!

Anonymous said...

Is this some joke? It's a fucking pigeon! U dont put a leash on a pigeon...get a grib freaks!