Friday, July 16, 2010

Pardon Me For Asking In London



Flying Over Ireland

Dear Readers,
I meant to give sign of life sooner, but I did not have internet for a few days, while I was in transit.
My husband and I flew to Dublin this last Saturday and immediately continued on to London, where we spent three wonderful days. I had never been, so the days were spent doing the typical tourist things, even taking one of the hop-on-hop-off double-decker buses, which I always make fun of when I see them driving down Atlantic Avenue.
We also walked from one end of London to the other. We visited the British Museum, the Tower Of London and a few pubs, ate fish and chips and stopped to have Indian Food, which was more to my taste.
In short, it was wonderful and I realized very quickly that three days just was not enough time in London by any means. So I will make sure to return.
Above are some of the photos I took there. I hope you will take a quick look at them.

PS: Any news from Brooklyn? Please keep me in the loop by sending me a quick email.
Cheers, Katia


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