Monday, July 19, 2010

Postcard From France: Gathering Linden Blossoms


My husband way up on the ladder, pruning the linden tree


My father collecting the spent linden blossoms


Drying linden blossoms to be used for tea.

How do I spend my days here in France? Well, dear Reader, when I am not at the market, cooking or visiting with my neighbors, my husband and I work. Yes, it is vacation time, but this little stone house from 1866 needs lots of attention. Since the weather has been splendid here, we are taking care of the outside jobs now, postponing those inside the house for a rainy day. So, I have been happily digging and planting in my garden, which is in dire need of attention after a year of neglect.
The linden tree, which my mother planted in the middle of the courtyard in 1975, the year we moved to the United States, needs a trim annually. Balancing high on a ladder, my husband cuts away some lower branches or those which hang too close to the clay tiled roof.
Linden trees have beautiful blossoms which smell wonderfully, but I have never seen ours when it is flowering in late June. The spent blossoms make a wonderful tea, so a few days ago, we sat around the table outside and picked them off the cut branches.
They are now drying in the house.

So you see, dear Reader, though I am in the middle of the country in the smallest of villages, I am not bored. There is always something to occupy me.

*What is it I hear about loud booms being heard in Carroll Gardens? I just got an email from the 76th Precinct telling me about it. That is troubling, but relieved that those loud noises are not gunshots.



Anonymous said...

Hi Katia,
Your days sound lovely. Enjoy them! As for the loud booms last night in first it sounded like huge fireworks-type booms and the house shook, but it was thunder...about 30 seconds after the booms, the drenching rains came...but it last long and it didn't help cool us off. Still hot & humid...oh well.

Cynthia said...

Hey Katia -
i heard two loud booms last night but they weren't simultaneous. I thought maybe left over fireworks. I did not hear any sirens so I doubt it was anything serious. What does the 76th say?

France looks heavenly.

Katia said...

Well, the 76th Precinct just wanted to reassure everyone that the booms were not gunshots. Said they were investigating, but had not found the source of the noise yet.

Can't believe that New York is still experiencing a heat wave. It was very hot here today as well, but the nights are cool and I sleep with a blanket on.
Thunder storms are in the forecast for tomorrow. Hope the same for you guys.

Melissa Sarno said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I wish I was in France shopping at the market and looking at purple sunrises It's still hot as ever here and I heard the booms in CG but assumed they were part of the thunderstorm last night (a thunderstorm that did NOT cool us down, might I add. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with how hot it is?) I look forward to reading more about your little village.

Katia said...

Can't blame you, Melissa. Who can think of anything else when it is 90+ degrees outside.
Its bound to cool down....